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Targeted mobile advertising
using location, context and user behaviour
Efficient real time mobile engagement
with rich media content
Precise user profile and analytics
using big data and machine learning algorithms
Location + Behavior + Context
defining new paradigm for mobile targeting
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Welcome to the new generation of active mobile engagement. We are an intelligent location based mobile analytics and messaging platform that empowers your advertising campaign to reach the next level.

Target your highly relevant audience.

Our precise algorithm helps you find the right profile of users - whether you want from certain geographical area or based on home, work, travel locations or what they like and where they often visit in the weekends. We ensure that your campaign reaches the right audience at the right time using notifications - based on geo-fences or based on user behaviours derived from their location history.

Rich User Profile on Location and Behavior.

Notiphi's intelligent platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to build rich user profiles (anonymously) using not just their location information but also their key lifestyle attributes and their affinity to particular locations real time for great useful insights.

These profiles provide great insights and can be used for highly effective targeting.

Send On-Demand campaign anytime & anywhere.

You can craft and send real-time or post dated messages in a few simple steps anytime and anywhere using our intuitive dashboard

Your campaigns will go live across your choice of conditions instantly.

Craft your campaign with rich media content.

Go beyond words. You can display corporate logos and engage your audience with photos, videos, discount vouchers, coupons, redeem options etc.

Delight your audience by showing these content in the special campaign website that we provide.

Track campaign performance in real time.

Get insightful realtime and historical analytics of your campaigns such as click through rates, coupon redemption figures and appropriate geographical intelligence which can be used to analyse and fine-tune your campaigns.